Effective ways of renovating your bathroom

There are many fittings and design features that help you in reducing your energy bills and making your bathrooms energy efficient. Also, these tips are helpful in reducing greenhouse pollution. In addition to saving money and energy, other benefits associated with bathroom renovation include increased comfort, safety, and health.

Using a hot water system that is energy efficient

The hot water system chosen should be energy efficient and close to the laundry and bathroom. This is great ways of reducing heat loss and pipe length.

Use of energy efficient ventilation fans

An exhaust fan is helpful in controlling the bathroom moisture. This fan works by sucking out air which has moisture and then replacing it with fresh dry air. For proper functioning, this fan should be installed properly. This will enable it to control air and moisture when you are taking a shower. Additionally, the process of drying out the bathroom and removing moisture is useful in preventing mildew and mould.

Fans are helpful in removing moisture that would increase the humidity’s level in the house. High humidity levels can lead to the growth of mould as well as damage the building materials. The growth of mould can negatively affect the health of your family members. To prevent heat loss or gain in your bathroom, you should make an effort of installing self-closing ventilation fans.

Increasing insulation

This involves insulating the ceilings and the walls. Most of the walls behind showers or bathtubs are air-sealed and poor insulated. Insulation will seal the air leakage making your house more comfortable. Both electrical and plumbing penetrations should also be sealed.

Energy efficient doors and windows

Are you planning to replace your windows, skylights, and doors? If yes, then you should use those having energy efficient labels. In the modern days, there are new technologies that have been developed in the frame and glass systems that help in making a home comfortable as well as lowering both the cooling and heating costs.

Use of energy efficient shower heads

Showers are the largest users of domestic hot water. Installing AAA showerheads can help you in reducing the amount of water consumed. These showerheads can e obtained from the local hardware stores and bathroom supply stores. Most of them have an average flow rate of about seven liters per minute.


Installing water saving devices and pipes

You can save energy and reduce heat loss by insulating your hot water pipes. Other essential devices that are helpful in saving water include flow regulators and water saving aerators.